Jamaica Raft Man and Plastic Bag Video Viral on Social Media. The video has been viral on the internet because of its special Tag (plastic bag). As we know that there are many other videos from Jamaica River.

Online users have watched this video but still, many others are searching for the River raft man video on social media. Read this article because we will explain to you about plastic bag video.

Jamaica Raft Man and Plastic Bag Video Viral on Social Media:

River Raft Limited, which operates rafting excursions on the Martha Brae and Trelawny Jamaica Swamp Safari Village, has distanced itself from an extensively circulated video.


Online netizens are curious to watch the video and also to know the story behind this popular Raft Man video. Let us explain it to you.

Jamaica Raft Video Explained:

The video displays an alleged raft captain having a private act with a feminine visitor. In the clip, dubbed through some because of the “Martha Bray Special”, the person may also be noticed looking to penetrate the lady’s mendacity at the raft. The girl then requested a plastic bag as “coverage”.

Twitter Users’ Responses on Raft Man Plastic Bag Video:

One person said,

“This is evil. You don’t even know if the opposite individual is in poor health. Ole crowbait dem”

Another user wrote,

“After observing this video, I will be able to most likely by no means cross rafting in Jamaica once more…”

Some on social media claimed the raft captain offered “s3xual services and products” to visitors as a part of therapeutic massage applications.

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River Raft Ltd:

River Raft Ltd expressed sadness with the video and stated the corporate had “by no means” the rest to do with it.

Rafting at the Martha Brae prides itself on offering remarkable carriers to the numerous purchasers we see on a daily basis.

Our 90+ approved raft skippers are skilled and take nice delight in their paintings,” the remark stated.

“We want to obviously distance River Raft Limited and Rafting at the Martha Brae from this surprising video.”

The corporation says that limestone massages don’t seem to be presented on their excursions and the job isn’t company-sanctioned. Follow us on Facebook. We will update this post after getting more updates. Thanks

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