Andy Cohen Nipple Video is getting viral today. They recapped Andy Cohen’s baby shower and played with John Mayer’s third nipple. Yup, John Mayer’s got a third nipple and he released it to the world.

It’s a very happy Pride for Bravo daddy Andy Cohen because now a video has been circulating the internet since last night.

Stay with us because we have more details on Andy Cohen video with a gentelman.


Watch Andy Cohen Nipple Video – Andy Cohen video John Mayer third nipple viral on Twitter:

Andy Cohen enjoyed his pride with a very handsome gentleman. Andy Cohen has been on the prowl for a while now.

And recently he said in interviews that he’s ready to settle down he’s ready to have another father for his children.

Including Ben has said you know he wants another Daddy. But I’ve been telling Andy the only way you’re going to do that is by getting out there stopping working as much and making time to find that other Daddy.

Well our friends over at Housewives of ATL posted this exclusive clip of Andy Cohen enjoying himself at a Pride Celebration mainly for men of colour specifically black men.

And some of you were shocked by the video I wasn’t shocked not by who it was or Andy Cohen enjoying it.

Andy Cohen Video:

Fans are not blaming Andy Cohen for rubbing on it’s too early for this look I’m not shaming Andy Cohen for enjoying his pride.

He should enjoy his pride and happy Pride to Andy Cohen but of you, there are a few shocking things that stood out to me.

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When I posted about this first of all some of you think that I’m shaming him I’m not shaming Andy Cohen enjoy yourself and have a good time sidebar.

It’s so crazy the world that we live in today that with just cell phone footage and you can clearly see this person sneakily taking video footage.

Pride shout-out:

But this was a public party it’s called the ultimate Pride experience I’m alleging that it happened here.

I’m assuming based on the time frame of the situation. So they had this event in midtown East.

Well, a lot of you were reacting first of all it’s a black man no these streets have been talking for a long time.

Some of you in my comment section some of you on Twitter I said well yeah the boys in Harlem know Andy Cohen very well.

Allegedly a lot of you were like oh so that’s why Amir from Summer House Martha’s Vineyard where was so in love with his look.

I don’t think Andy Cohen necessarily just likes black men I think he likes men in general but he might enjoy them a lot more can you blame him?

Well as I said to you before our sources have identified who this man is and I got to see more pictures and I’m just like I don’t blame you Andy Cohen I mean very good-looking.

You may recall just a couple of years ago during the pandemic a black man came out and talked about his relationship with Andy Cohen.

I mean is Andy going to be upset that this information is out that this video footage is out I don’t think so.

You’re acting like this in a public Club this wasn’t a private party this was an open Event people have phones and he looked like he was enjoying himself.

Andy, we’re not judging you live your good life you should have kept love match Atlanta going.

Because then you could have hired Lamont to find you your black man or whatever man.

I wonder if Andy Cohn really wants to settle down some people don’t want to settle down.

He said that he is in that space you know he has two kids now he says he wants to settle down.

Wait a minute and I thought Andy was married I was like you must just watch Annie peripherally you do not watch Andy or know what’s going on.

Andy Cohen is not married and some of you probably think he’s married to Anderson Cooper no oh they tried dating years ago.

And it never worked out but now they’re just besties I can tell you the number of comments I saw where people said I thought Andy was married to whom yeah probably.

Also thought he was married to a woman hey either way, we are not judging Andy I hope you had a fantastic Pride.

I hope you woke up this morning feeling good I think Andy will also be in the parade are you going to the parade?

How are you celebrating Pride shout out to everyone celebrating Pride you know Pride is all About celebrating being yourself being open and embracing.

We are embracing all of all happy Pride everyone let’s continue this conversation and reaction in the comment section don’t forget to share this article. Follow us on Facebook.

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