Video of former Junior player Luis ‘Chino’ Sandoval disclosed him again at the FPC. The soccer player who left due to indiscipline troubles from the team now suffers from a recording with a cheerleader.

During the last time, one of the troubles that sounded the most in Colombian football was the one involving five Junior de Barranquilla players, including Luis ‘Chino’ Sandoval.

An attacker who had been performing well during the first half of 2023, but his great moment ended after showing up to a training session.


Video of former Junior player Luis ‘Chino’ Sandoval disclosed him again at the FPC:

Unfortunately, for him, this was not the first time he was accused of indiscipline, because in another stage with the shark team, he had also suffered from these same situations.

Giving him the confidence to show what he could do, he was received back at the club and there he reoffended with other teammates.

What happned to Sandoval:

This situation arose towards the end of the ‘everyone against everyone’ in the FPC. At that moment it came to light that it was not only Sandoval but also Walmer Pachecho, and José Ortiz, among others.

This made Junior take action on the matter;

As for Sandoval, they did not hesitate to fire him with just cause and for the others involved, a punishment was the resolution of the case.


From that opportunity, no more was known about the striker, until now, when through social networks he was again disclosed with an intimate video.

Apparently, in said recording, he is seen with a cheerleader who was part of the Barranquilla Junior, with whom he struggles to try to kiss her and for her to agree.

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Along with the recording that does not last more than 10 seconds, there are some messages from the user who publishes the event where it says:

“El ‘Chino’ Sandoval with the cheerleader Carolina Noriega”

also complements on alleged payments, that there are between the player and the aforementioned woman:

“she exposes it by stating that he makes economic contributions to the girl.”

Sandoval sad departure from Junior:

In the early hours of last Thursday, May 11, the soccer player Luis ‘El Chino’ Sandoval arrived at the offices of Junior de Barranquilla, to define his situation after the acts of indiscipline in which he was involved.

intimate video of Chino Sandoval, former Junior player, with an exorrista
intimate video of Chino Sandoval, former Junior player, with an exorrista

The forward was in the eye of criticism after learning that last Monday he appeared in a state of alcoholism at the sports venue.

His actions generated severe discomfort in the coaching staff of the shark team that through the ‘Bolillo’ Gómez confirmed that he would no longer continue.

Immediately afterwards, Sandoval went to the administrative headquarters to terminate his contract and end his history with Junior. On the outskirts of the place, the media were there to obtain some statements from the player.

However, the forward did not say a single word and with his eyes lowered, he got into a vehicle to leave and put an end to it.

It is worth noting that hours later, Junior confirmed the player’s departure through a statement.

“After the serious act of indiscipline carried out by the player Luis Sandoval, in which he arrived in unfit conditions for the development of the activity of a high-performance athlete, on Monday, May 8, and the due disciplinary process was completed, the club decided to terminate the contract that linked it to the institution”, the letter reads.

However, the ‘shark’ team also confirmed the sanctions for the other indicated players. “Likewise, we would like to inform you that the club is currently carrying out a disciplinary process against the players Walmer Pacheco, César Haydar, Ómar Albornoz and José Ortiz for alleged conduct that could be contrary to the institution’s policies and regulations,” it was stated. added. Follow us on Facebook. Thanks

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